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We believe that healthy, skilled, men and fathers of any life and parental situation play a critical part in enriching our children, spouses, co-parents, and communities.

The Modern Man Family Project Society is a local community resource for men and fathers of any parental and life situation. Founded on the principles of lived experience, grassroots support and peer driven programming, we understand the unique challenges men and fathers of today can face.

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Modern Man Family Project

Our mission 🢂

Our objective is to offer support and resources to engaged fathers no matter their situation. Our belief is that healthy, skilled Fathers are an enriching and critical part of our children, spouses, co-parents, our community. Not only do fathers enrich the lives of our families, being an active and engaged father adds so much to our sense of pride and self as well.

We currently offer Daddy’s Home for Good: Fathers Support Group to help foster wellness and camaraderie among the fathers in our group. Our peer-driven and grassroots approach combined with an unedited space allow our members to express our frustrations, air challenges, and explore possible solutions from the collected experience within the group. We Believe the Modern Man adds emotional strength and well being to his toolbox in order to cope with the stresses of the increasing role of Fatherhood in the raising of children.

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Our Team

Dante Tornada

Dante Tornada

Executive Director

Dante was born and raised in Kamloops B.C. and the father of three beautiful kids. He is presently finishing his degree specializing in psychology and political science. He has been an advocate for men and boys his whole life and now is putting his vast life and practical experience to change policy and help a forgotten and mostly ignored group of people.
Dr. Chris Montoya

Dr. Chris Montoya


Senior Lecturer Thomps​on Rivers University / Ph.D. (Brain and Behavior) Psychology, University of Calgary / Post-Doctoral Placement, Department of Experimental Psychology: Stem Cell Research, Downing College University of Cambridge, England

Troy-Lana Manson

Troy-Lana Manson